SACMI Moscow to take part in Upak-Expo 2024!

SACMI Moscow to take part in Upak-Expo 2024!

SACMI set to play a leading role at this international packaging fair (Moscow Expocentre, 23-26 January 2024) by showcasing its latest future-focused technology. The SACMI Moscow team provides customers with constant close support, delivering profitable solutions and first-class machine and plant assistance

Leading cap and preform technologies, state-of-the-art process control with AI, and a comprehensive range of solutions for the Beverage and Packaging&Chocolate sectors: SACMI Moscow will be showcasing all this at Upak-Expo 2024, the country's key processing and packaging technology fair.

Team skills

SACMI Moscow has an unparalleled technical and business team, providing dedicated after-sales services and plant start-up support. The SACMI range is built around the real needs of customers and markets. Its solutions are designed to be profitable, ready-to-use and future-focused.

CSD, tethered-ready

SACMI has the widest range of beverage caps on the market, not to mention the advanced technology (CCM - Continuous Compression Molding) needed to make them. All SACMI solutions are tested at the SACMI Lab and certified by major international brand owners.
For example, these include replacement of the traditional (non-tetherable) CSD 1881 with a cap of similar weight but tethered-compatible.
This is one of the key strengths of the SACMI range: given the already-begun global adoption of tethered solutions, it’s also potentially of great interest to the Russian market (and not just the EU, where the new standard will be mandatory from 2024).

Lightweighting and new 26/22 mm standards

For low-carbonation drinks (beer and sparkling water), SACMI offers a lightened PCO 1881 cap weighing just 1.65 grams.
For the most ambitious customers, this paves the way towards the new 26/22 mm, a solution that’s already gaining ground worldwide as it can drastically reduce average plastic consumption by 30% or more.
In this area, SACMI offers a broad family of solutions for both CSD and water (available, again, in tethered-compatible versions). These include a new ultra-light water cap weighing less than 1g, the highest-performing cap on the market.

SACMI AI (Artificial Intelligence), IPS presses

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the fast-paced development of SACMI vision systems. Employed in every stage phase of the process (cap, slit, and preform checks etc.), the latest systems are using AI to take quality control into the realm of process control.
Data harvested from the system and new interfaces that streamline its management (Classy AI, part of the CVS Software Suite) deliver consistent long-term efficiency by anticipating any production drifts and optimizing profitability.
New systems include the PVS 156 (preform vision system), the first solution to be directly incorporated on SACMI IPS preform press.

Assembly of complex caps

Already the technological leader in the closures field with its compression presses, SACMI has now developed a special complex cap assembly solution featuring machines designed by Velomat.
Thanks to extensive experience in the assembly of special drinks closures (e.g. sports caps), Velomat now offers a new generation of ultra-high-speed electronically controlled machines.

Beverage: labelers and complete lines

SACMI is a sole partner able to provide a full range of beverage plant technologies. For example, the highly popular Flexi OPERA and Flexi KUBE labelers offer outstanding performance and versatility; their modular design lets manufacturers process different materials and sizes with unwavering efficiency.
Available as stand-alone units or in connection with complete lines - standard and XL format stretch-blowing, filling, capping - all the solutions can be equipped with SACMI Computer Vision systems for ultra-fast, in-line quality control.

Everything for chocolate, packaging for everything

This motto perfectly describes the offering from SACMI Packaging & Chocolate: this SACMI Business Unit develops complete solutions for chocolate processing and molding, and primary-secondary packaging lines for the food and non-food sectors.
The company’s chocolate preparation and molding systems are designed to effectively process products with different ingredients and complex recipes. What’s more, the range extends to integrated solutions for primary packaging - traditional and flowpack - and secondary packaging, all designed to match the latest trends in terms of variety of formats, products to be packaged and compatibility with different packaging materials.

We look forward to seeing you at the SACMI stand at Upak-Expo! Place 82 B 14